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We're In It  Together

Meals That Heal - COVID 19

Friends In Weed is back again this holiday season with the goal of bringing the cannabis industry together to provide meals for our hospitality industry workers and communities. Participating sponsors will purchase a set of healthy, packaged to finish at home meals, which will be prepared by other restaurants. Restaurant partners will choose their menu each week, with an emphasis on creating nutritious meals at the greatest value. Meals are priced between $8-$10 per serving.


Half of all meals purchased will be donated back to the restaurant partner (or hospitality worker beneficiary organization), to be provided to employees of the restaurant partner that have been laid off, had hours reduced and have experienced a reduction in tip income. The other half of the meals will be donated to community organizations designated by sponsoring companies.   


420 Help - COVID 19

Founded by cannabis brands that wanted to do something to help the community during the COVID-19 crisis, Friends in Weed aims to provide ongoing support to members of the cannabis and service industries. We felt a need to give back to those who are working every day on the front lines, providing access to cannabis for the citizens of Colorado during a time when we all could use a little help managing daily life. As avid consumers of cannabis, we are big fans of the local restaurant scene and the amazing experiences created by these integral members of our community. With this in mind, we came up with 420Help as a way to support cannabis retailers and provide needed revenue for local restaurants while we all wait patiently for things to get back to normal. 

Cannabis Stands Up

Cannabis has always been about community.  We lean on each other for support, celebrate victories and brace one another to endure challenges in front of us.  Today, it is time for this community to work toward a better world for everyone.  It is time that we acknowledge that the system isn’t working and stand up together to demand change.  It is time to get involved.  It is time for Cannabis to Stand Up and help facilitate a change that is beyond needed. 


We are taking an active role, and welcome everyone to join us.  So far, we've helped to clean up the city and handed waters out to protesters.  We joined in a march through the city and demanded that everyone’s voice is heard.  Moving forward, we will be organizing more volunteer opportunities, and be donating to charitable organizations that are working tirelessly to bring equality for everyone.  Join us.  Or do your own thing.  Either way, it's time for Cannabis to Stand Up.


We will get through these tough times. More importantly, we will get through this together.  Big changes are happening and Friends in Weed will continue to support what we believe in. We challenge all of you to do the same. Let’s let cannabis be the connector.  Because a friend in weed, is a friend indeed.

A friend in weed is a friend indeed.


Your founding members, 

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